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Early Fall migration on the Bruce

Fall migration is upon us now and new migrants are passing through in numbers. Around my neighbourhood the quantity of warblers I see on my morning walks is increasing by the day. Since it's fall migration and I have just mentioned warblers, I realize that half the people reading this are about to run away.. but fear not blog readers, "fall warblers" are not THAT terrifying😉. Have a look at this American Redstart to help you calm you down.. looking very bold and colourful in his black & orange plumage.

 I don't have a lot of photos, as it's usaully dark & wet when I go outisde in the morning (I am truly a coward when it comes to taking my camera outside in bad weather). Below I have included some pictures of songbirds that I saw around my yard one (sunny) morning last week.

     In late August I made a trip down to Huron county and met up with Dana Latour & her dad Tony for a morning of birding. I got to the Bluff (a great lakewatch/sky…

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