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January birding in bruce County

It's been awhile since I wrote about birding on the peninsula, so I'll add a few recent sightings.

Matt Parsons found a Harlequin Duck at the Lion's head Harbour in late December and I hadn't had a chance to chase it since I returned from visiting family in southern Ontario for the holidays. Erik was driving me home (after our Niagara trip the day before), so we made a quick "detour" to Lion's Head on the "way" back. The duck was just chilling with Common Goldeneyes in the harbour, so it was a pretty easy find.

When I arrived back at my house I was greeted by my overwintering flock of Purple Finches. These finches have been growing in numbers since early December and I can now see up to 75 during a walk around my property. Normally PUFI are an uncommon winter bird around my area, so having them so plentiful this winter is exciting.

A few days ago I went on a drive around South Bruce with my dad to try and find some new birds for the 2020 yearli…

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